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Welcome To Global Wealth Club

Global Wealth Club is a group of like-minded online entrepreneurs who understand and have seized the incredible opportunity available to ANYONE seeking to improve and master their Financial Futures. We are independent business owners and are partnered with a number of trending leading businesses that are changing the global financial fabric structure of the online world.

We believe very strongly in the fact that cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, will completely change the way international financial institutions operate and has opened the floodgates for ordinary people to DRASTICALLY improve their financial futures!

We are taking advantage of the incredible potential this new frontier has opened to entrepreneurs.

Our Global Wealth Club is building a community of ordinary people seeking to cash in on the most significant change to world currency in more than 2,800 years. Our members stand on the threshold of reaching the point where Bitcoin and its Blockchain component are and already have, created a new breed of millionaires.

As club administrator, I am a retired Computer Systems Engineer who recently discovered cryptocurrency as a business and as an outstanding option to my more than 20 years of investing in traditional stock and Forex markets and manual Day Trading.

Do Not Miss Out On This Once In A Lifetime Financial Revolution!

In January 2015, I was introduced to Bitcoin by an old and trusted friend. After my research and due diligence, I purchased 5 Bitcoins at the cost of $246 USD each; a total cost of $1,230 USD. In mid December 2017, the price of a single Bitcoin blew past the $20,000 USD price. If the 10 Bitcoins had been simply stored and not traded (producing regular periodic income), that $1,230 USD investment would have risen to roughly $200,000 USD.

Global financial experts like Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson and many more, are predicting that a Single Bitcoin has the potential to reach $15,000, $100,000 or even $1 Million over the next 3 to 10 years.

Don't Have $10,000 To Purchase Bitcoins?

We can assist ANYONE to start building a financial portfolio that has the potential to Secure Your Financial Future by joining our club and participating in our cryptocurrency programs.

There are 4 Levels of trading offered. Our members can start at either of the 4 levels based on the amount of FIAT currency you wish to begin with.

What Is Our Business Offering?

We are partnered with a 10 year old business that has developed an outstanding cryptocurrency based business opportunity that offers ANYONE the ability to start building a business that has an extraordinary potential!

As a member of our Global Wealth Club, you will have immediate access to our community platform designed to provide multiple income opportunities and a complete cryptocurrency education. It is entirely possible to find the independence we all desire, in a community of like-minded, freedom-loving individuals who, like you, are seeking the possibility of income stability in a very unstable world.

Our Innovative Trading BOTS Do The Work For You!!!

Our Trading BOTS trade and mine cryptocurrency for you around the clock, non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Designed to optimize your trading automatically and semi-automatically (you can also trade manually). Anyone can now be a trader, no prior knowledge is required.

You can setup your business and start trading and building your income in less than one hour. Simply follow the easy to understand instructions received through our video Crypto Education & Training sessions.

Assistance is also available through our Facebook and Telegram groups.

You will have the OPTION to produce a significant amount of income from 3 or more differ income streams, including cryptocurrency Mining, or simply use our automatic Trading BOT to capitalize on trading Bitcoins.

This Has Never Happen Before!

Now The Ordinary Individual Can Create UNLIMITED Wealth!

Bitcoin Growth Over Past 12 Months!

Litecoin Growth Over Past 12 Months!

Ethereum Growth Over Past 12 Months!

IOTA Growth Over Past 12 Months!

Microsoft Investment Partner - Do Not Miss This One!

What The Experts Say About Bitcoin

Many More To Come As Cryptocurrency Is Utilized By Millions WORLD WIDE!

Start Trading At YOUR Level!

Easy & Simple Steps To Get Your Automated Money Machine Earning For You!



0.00106724 Per Month
Trading BOT
Maximum trading → $300
Crypto Education & Training



0.00401372 Per Month
Trading BOT
Maximum trading → $1,500
Crypto Education & Training



0.0090715 Per Month
Trading BOT
Maximum trading → $3,000
Crypto Education & Training



0.01974386 Per Month
Trading BOT
Maximum trading → $6,000
Crypto Education & Training

Don't Miss Out On This Financial Revolution!!

Let Our Automated Trading & Mining BOTS Help You Build Financial Security!



Leverage a few bucks into a retirement income. The time is NOW to start earning for your future!



Earn MULTIPLE STREAMS of automated instant commissions with your Trading & Mining BOTS!!

Generous Monthly Referral Commissions?

You Will Earn A Generous MONTHLY Commission On Every Club Member You Refer!


Refer A New Club Member!

Earn Ongoing Monthly Commissions Every Month Your Referral(s) Uses Their BOT To Trade Or Mine Bitcoins.

Your Monthly Commissions Will Increase Each Time Your Referral Upgrades Their BOTS To A Higher Trading Amount. This Is In Addition To Your Trading & Mining Income!!

This Feature Is Completely Optional!!!

Ready To Get Started?

You Will Need To Perform The Steps Below!

Quick Start Your Day Trading Business!!!

Step 1: Open Your Trading BOT Account

Fund your STARTER exchange account with at least $100 in USD, EUROS or British Pounds. Your Starter account BOT will trade a maximum of $300 USD. Obviously, the more funding you permit your BOT to manage and trade with, the larger your earnings will be. You also have the ability to COMPOUND your earnings in order to grow your trading account even faster.

The account levels and related monthly Trading BOT fee, as previously described, are based on the amount of Fiat Cash, your BOT is authorized to trade with. The Starter account monthly fee is 0.00106724 (approximately $10 USD) and permits you to utilize your trading BOT to AUTOMATICALLY trade up to $300 USD, 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS PER WEEK!

Upgrade your trading account to the level that is appropriate for your needs and Goals!

NO FUNDS are ever kept in your trading BOT account, but are held safely in your secure Exchange account!

By automatically compounding your trading earnings, your BOT will have more funding with which to create more trading strategies. This could soon result in sizable daily, weekly and monthly profits; especially given the documented history of Bitcoin's remarkable performance.

Coupled with our Mining options, ANYONE has the potential to build a profitable and secure Home-Based business.

Step 2: Open A Free Bitcoin Exchange Account

Currently, our Trading & Mining BOTS only work with a Coinbase/GDAX or CEX-IO Exchange account. Our BOTS utilize the API access facility provided by these exchanges to perform the "Automatic" trading on your behalf.

Both exchanges are among the top cryptocurrency exchanges on the Planet and are secure, and regulated for government compliance.

Either Coinbase/GDAX or CEX-IO will work smoothly with your trading BOT and the signal providers you decide to use to provide OPTIONAL trading signals to your BOTS. I personally have accounts in both exchanges for a number of years without any issues whatsoever.

The United States based Coinbase/GDAX Exchange, may not be available in all countries. CEX-IO is available in more than 95% of the countries currently utilizing cryptocurrency businesses.


Zukul Trade

$10 USD Per Month Subscription
Trading Funding Limit → $300
Crypto Education & Training



Free To Open Account
No Monthly Fees
Minimum $100 Balance



Free To Open Account
No Monthly Fees
Minimum $100 Balance

Step 3: Setup Your BOT & Start Trading

Login and view the training videos on our Partner website and get your BOT setup. You may also use our Sample BOT Configuration to get started even faster.

Sample BOT Configuration

Activate your BOT and let it start trading Bitcoins for you; 24 X 7. You can periodically login into your trading BOT account to monitor it's progress and perhaps make adjustments to it's parameters once you fully understand how the BOT works. It is as simple as that!

Want To Earn Even More?

Simply Tell A Few Friends About Your Bitcoin Trading!

Additional Income Stream

Once you have your trading BOT setup, running and earning you PASSIVE income around the clock, Day after Day; simply tell a few friends about your AUTOMATED Income Machine and you will be amazed at how many will ask you how they too, can earn a Passive Income.

Simply give them your Zukul Trade referral URL and have them repeat the same registration process!

Once they register their Zukul Trade account and fund they CEX-IO Exchange account, you will begin earning the following "PASSIVE" Daily and Monthly income.

  1. Simply give them your Zukul Trade referral URL and have them repeat the same registration process! Simply give them your Zukul Trade referral URL and have them repeat the same registration process!
  2. Simply give them your Zukul Trade referral URL and have them repeat the same registration process! Simply give them your Zukul Trade referral URL and have them repeat the same registration process!

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